Altenberg at Rax, district Bruck-Mürzzuschlag. – Sunday afternoon, 24. August 2014, a mountaineer has been rescured uninjured.

The 44 year old person and his companion started her hike on August, 24th 2014 from Hinternaßwald/NÖ in the direction to Rax. They wanted to ascend to the Heukuppe on the climbing route "Wildes Gamseck" (Level II). The difficulties of the climbing route has been over the head of the mountaineer and he could not get further up or down. Because both mountaineers were under way without ropes, they couldn't help himself. The mans companion has set up an emergency call to the emergency center Styria, whereon an orderly rescue operation has been initiated. By the police helicopter "Libelle" (located in Graz) members of the mountain rescue team and one member of the alpine police group has been brought near to the summit. Other members of the mountain rescue rose up from the base of the wall. The 44-year-old was backed and supported with safety ropes at the foot of the cliff. He was not injured. A total of ten people of the mountain rescue team, a policeman (AEG Upper Styria) and the crew of the police helicopter were involved in the operation.

(translation of press report LPD Styria)