Just a few days after the Mürzzuschlager rescuers could free 10 people from an akward situation on the Rax they had to perform an operation on the "home mountain of Vienna" again. Two mountaineers attempted to climb up the top of the "Heukuppe" at 2007 m via the via ferrata "Gretchensteig".

But they were surprised by the darkness and dense fog and got lost on the deep winterly plateau. After trying to find itself the descent for a time they decided to make an emergency call. Because of the exactly posted GPS position with help of the mobile phone the slight undercooled mountaineers could be found quickly in the area of the so called "cornice".

After that the mountaineers could be brought down via the route "Schlangenweg" to the refuge "Waxriegelhaus", where all  arrived at midnight.